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Top level (UK) duel domain names for sale

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MyiZ.co.uk & MyiZ.uk

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Myii.co.uk & Myii.uk

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“Domain names could bring
big rewards” by just sitting on them

If you can’t use them now, what a great investment. These names are forever

R.John Williams

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iD is big news
around the world. These
2 names cover all aspects of
Identity, CCTV, Credit, iD theft,  Passport, Detection, Tracing Services, etc.,

Security is a big and growing problem, worldwide. Fact
What Is it the way to identify the culprits of cyber-crime?
Passports, ID Cards, Driving licence’s, Bills, Credit Cards,etc
Is it a precise finger print that’s needed
could the answer be based around
domain names & e-mail addresses
Do you know the answer, or do I ?

New unregistered domain names are as cheap to buy as chips, but! Finding one that you desire is all but impossible as they have already been bought by speculators who save them like shares to collect a profit sometime in the future.
When I bought My-iD.co.uk 25 years ago domain names were £150 each. As the Internet spread and developed into the UK proper, Now,  I could pick up a .NEW co.uk for just £2 per annum,
but not My-iD
it’s availability that makes the difference.